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Room acoustics significantly influence how comfortable we feel in particular spaces. Space with poor acoustics makes speech unintelligible and puts strain on a speaker as the voice gets distorted and echoed. Rooms with poor acoustic make conversation difficult; this is especially noticeable in crowded public spaces such as restaurants.This effect is multiplied as everybody tries to speak louder and the result is excessive noise that can lead to tiredness, headaches and generally unsatisfactory experiences. The same applies to music being performed in inadequate acoustic spaces. An acoustically untreated space will leave musicians upset and listeners disappointed. Similar situation arises at home where untreated space yields undesirable results. No matter how much is spent on the electronics and the speakers, if the room has poor acoustics and is left untreated the resulting sound will ultimately disappoint. AQ has a long reputation of making outstanding loudspeakers and is always challenged with the need for excellent room acoustics. Precision installations demanded the best and an acoustic treatment was often necessary. The AQ advantage is advanced technical background and necessary equipment that measures room acoustics and objectively evaluates the results of acoustical treatment and consecutive adjustments. Based on more than 20 years of experience, AQ Soundpanel was born. Developed for AQ professional installation needs and later simplified, this proprietary fitting method allows for customer self install and much more improved acoustics and reference playback.AQ Soundpanel is designed as an individual panel with 600mm x 600mm overall dimensions. To achieve maximum results and coverage of problematic areas three essential elements were combined: 1. The entire panel is designed as a damping resonant panel, where its property is manifested primarily in the lower frequencies - approximately 570 Hz2. The front panel features an array of apertures, openings for acoustic damping with fabric and rock acoustic wool. Augmented frequencies range from 4,250 Hz to 17 kHz 3. The front wall is not parallel to the rear wall panel. This trapezoid form allows for multifaceted installation and is designed to suppress the formation of standing waves on parallel surfaces in the room. The significance of this element is in its acoustic spectrum.The panels can be applied to walls and ceiling. Suitable applications do not require entire wall coverage. Based on the initial acoustics of the room, the panels can be added as needed, creating visually appealing patterns and décor.The application is straightforward. The panel is self-supporting, and a series of mounting keyholes on the back allows for quick and simple field install. The keyholes are adapted to ensure suspended position in any desired direction. For ceiling installation a version with a hidden side lock should be used. 


Width: 600 mm

Height: 600 mm

Thickness: 120 / 80mm

Weight: 6.5 kg 

Versioni Oval: A  Round : B  Square: C


€ 169,00Prezzo
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