• Larghezza 212 mm

    Altezza 1.000mm

    Profondita' 330 mm  

    Peso 18 kg

    Volume interno 50

    Impedenza 8 ohm

    Potenza nominale 100 w

    Potenza musicale 220w

    Sensibilita' 89/1w/1m

    Risposta in frequenza 30 hz-30khz a 6db

    Crossower :12.18 db/oct

    Finiture: nero ,legno naturale,quercia,mogano,ciliegio.

    Prezzo Cadauno


    Labrador 28 MKIII is designed for listeners who prefer highly accurate, precise and insightful sound without any coloration. Two-way loudspeakers with two mid-bass drivers in D’Appolito configuration give the sound an outstanding directional characteristic. Very rigid sandwich baffle houses flush mounted drivers, eliminates uneven driver/baffle transition, minimizes diffraction and resonances and, in combination with cross braces, achieves excellent strength. Although the resulting enclosure is very slender, it provides exceptional power handling and resonance free performance. Mid-bass drivers are from respectable Danish maker Scan-Speak and detailed tweeter is from Vifa. Hi quality bi-amping terminals, AUDIOQUEST point to point wiring, soldered connections and precise crossover round out the package. Labrador 28MKIII is a go to loudspeaker for listeners who prefer accuracy without coloration and for music industry professionals.Finish natural wood veneer – black ash, beech, oak, ash, mahogany, walnut, cherry Audiophile construction of 2-way box uses bass drivers Scan-Speak and tweeter Vifa. 3. generation of thi model is equipped by adjustable steel spikes, the back of box are newly reinforced and precisely aligned with the sides. It is ideal for acoustic music, classics, jazz, klasiku, jazz, but it will manage also easier genre like pop, etc.. Dimensions (wxhxd): 212 x 1000 x 330 mm, 18 kg.


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    Colore: Nero