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Larghezza 360  mm 

Altezza 585 mm 

Profondita' 485  mm - Peso 27  kg 

Volume interno 54 

Pressione  di livello  120 db/1m

Sensibilita' 500 mv

Risposta in frequenza 20 hz-140 hz

Crossower :12db-regolabile 40-140 hz

Finiture nero ,nlegno naturale,quercia,mogano,ciliegio

Prezzo Cadauno


This active subwoofer with 12” Peerless woofer fed by a large amplifier in a bridge connection lets you not only hear, but also even feel the deepest bass waves. It has a sandwich case with long rectangular bassreflex, braces and anti-resonance plates and is fitted by adjustable spikes. The Labrador 422 can produce a sound pressure level (SPL) of 120dB, at a distance of 1m without noticeable distortion Uncompromising active subwoofer uses 30cm bass driver directed towards the floor. It is equiped by 4 adjustable steel spikes. Amplifier 120W is equiped by switchable automatics, active crossover features lowpass frequency selector, input sensitivity and phase adjustment.No good Home Theater can sound remarkable without a proper dose of subterranean bass. A Heavy Duty Labrador 422 MKIII subwoofer provides just that. The sheer size and weight speaks quality. Bottom firing high definition 12” honeycomb cone Peerless SLS subwoofer driver with high sensitivity assures enormous bass delivery. Class A/B proprietary amplifier with a new version of electronic crossover with analog processing features massive Toroid transformer with immense power reserves. The bottom firing port is 800mm long; the required proprietary labyrinth design structurally reinforces entire enclosure and tunes the subwoofer to the lowest possible bass. Adjustable spikes create appropriate spacing, clean uncolored sound and assure the least amount of bass transfer into the flooring. Neighbors will certainly appreciate this feature. Dimensions (wxhxd): 360 x 585 x 485 mm, weight 27 kg


€ 899,00Prezzo
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