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Two channel amplifier with 50 Watt per channel, compact in size -- 190mm x 250mm -- with a solid aluminum base that acts as a heatsink. Massive Toroid transformer supplies adequate power, reaching peaks up to 120W. Back panel features 4 RCA inputs. Solid black acrylic front panel has attractive underside display. When amplifier is active the display reads through the acrylic, in off mode the front panel is black and a small light indicates stand-by mode.
Version with remote control is available. For professional installations AQ M4 can be supplied with RS 485 or with an integrated MP3 player. AQ M4 is a significant update to popular AQ M3 with much improved SNR. In its price category it represents excellent value with great performance, durability and terrific sound. Finish Black Powder Coated Steel, Black Acrylic Front Panel Technical data:

Output: 2× 50W

Impedance: 4

Ohm Signal to noise separation: 86 dB

Weight: 3 kg

Sensitivity: 250 mV No. of inputs: 4× RCA (cinch) Own protection circuits Cooling: passive (does not disturb around)

Dimensions (w x h x d): 190 × 80 × 280 mm

Colour: black Amplifier 2x50W, 4 inputs, ideal for PC, schools, restaurants, etc.. reliable and simple manipulation.



€ 220,00Prezzo
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