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Larghezza 256 mm

Altezza 280 mm 

Profondita' 411 mm 

Peso 14 kg 

Volume interno 14 

Impedenza 8 ohm 

Potenza nominale 80 w 

Potenza musicale 160w 

Sensibilita' 89/1w/1m 

Risposta in frequenza 30 hz-40 khz a 4db 

Crossower :12.6 db/oct 

Finiture nero laccato, bianco laccato  altri colori su richiesta.


 Two-way loudspeaker in Passion line has truly expressive and befitting name Orca. Orca is elegant and beautiful, yet her ferocious beauty is not for everyone. Orca can be affectionate and fierce, cold and playful. Her sharp teeth can gently grasp, but also thoroughly bite. Orca is elegant in motion and when looking at the Orca Passion Stand the black and white combination is captivating and is as fascinating as a killer whale jumping above the water surface. Beauty is not just skin deep; the shape of the body, strength and coordination of muscles, devotion and keen senses determine beauty.Orca’s beauty was shaped by natural selection through millions of years of evolution. Physical laws define beauty and functionality of AQ Passion Orca. Multiple small segments form the baffle and the enclosure. This origami like segments creates extremely rigid speaker cabinet while minimizing parallel surfaces and eliminating the internal standing waves. Internal waves are typically formed by large parallel surfaces. The sound wave is reflected off the walls as a mirror image - a phenomenon where a new sound wave is created and is reflected back to the cone of the driver. Multitude of frequencies starts to amplify, attenuate others and cause an undesirable distortion. The very shape of the Orca achieves significant reduction of parallel surfaces. The segmented areas have additional advantage – a small dimensionality. Small areas are much more resistant to resonances yet another disadvantage of a typical loudspeaker. Orca small-segmented walls are much more resistant to resonances and are crucial design element as wall segments are connected at an angle that increases the overall rigidity of the enclosure. This precise and complex manufacturing technology elevates Orca beyond typical loudspeaker production and it allows removing voluminous internal bracing thus allowing a slender dimensions. To achieve perfection a BDS active resonance correction was also applied. Resulting enclosure is incredibly rigid and resonance free and delivers an astonishing performance.However the beautiful, slender body houses a mighty heart of an athlete. High End drivers from prestigious Scandinavian Scan-Speak were carefully selected to achieve an optimum performance. Directly from top of the line Illuminator Woofer a six-inch 8747 with 3D aluminum cone was selected to fulfill mid-bass duties. Cast frame and neodymium magnet ensures extremely linear and long motion of the cone.A visually splendid ring radiator tweeter R3004/66020-00 was selected to compliment this exceptional mid-bass. The tweeter also matches the mid-bass with its technical proves and features ring neodymium magnet, patented symmetrical drive SD-2, patented phase plug and sound transparent protective grille.All of the elements of an exceptional loudspeaker need to work in harmony. The enclosure and the drivers no matter how outstanding will not perform without precise internal neurological network – a crossover. Orca crossover is built on massive polyethylene panel, that features point to point wiring and machined spaces for contacts and crossover elements that are firmly secured to the panel with adhesive and screws. Yet all of this would not work without a proper blood supply.In Orca the blood is delivered with superb network of arteries and the arteries in Orca Loudspeakers is exquisite Audioquest Solid Core with structure-oriented copper.The terminals combine work of art and precise engineering to allow firm and superb connection to the amplifier signal.These custom terminals feature machined polyethylene plate, solid core gold plated copper connectors allowing for bare wire, banana and spadeconnections. Bi-wiring and Bi-Amping is also possible. Orca depends on strong muscular tale to charter the waters. Orca Loudspeaker depends on design specific stand that allows proper support, listening height and absolutely compliments the slender beauty. To secure precise alignment a series of hidden neodymium magnets were imbedded in the enclosure and the stand. Antivibration pads reduce vibration transmission to the stand and quartet or audiophile trio of spikes further reduce transmission to the floor. Although modest in size Orca sound is astonishinglypowerful and voluminous. It’s a floorstanding loudspeaker in a rather diminutive enclosure. 


€ 12.798,00Prezzo
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