• Diffusore  a due  vie  altoparlanti  Scan-Speak Cablatura interna Audiquest Roket 33 

    Larghezza 212 mm 

    Altezza 1.010mm 

    Profondita' 320 mm 

    Peso 18.5 kg

    Volume interno 50 

    Impedenza 8 ohm

    Potenza nominale 100 w

    Potenza musicale 220w 

    Sensibilita' 89/1w/1m 

    Risposta in frequenza 30 hz-43khz a 6db 

    Crossower 12.18 db/oct 

    Finiture legno naturale nero laccato, bianco laccato, altri colori su richiesta.

    Prezzo Cadauno


      Very precise audiophile two-way loudspeaker with a D’Appolito baffle arrangement. Enclosure is made from MDF panels finished in superb polyester high gloss lacquer. To achieve a perfect paint finish, 8 layers of lacquer are applied to create a rigid and anti-resonant enclosure. The baffle is a sandwich construction with flush mounted drivers that eliminate edge diffraction. Drivers are Scan-Speak, a pair of mid-woofers with fiberglass membrane joining efforts in the enclosure. 1” ring radiator fabric tweeter guarantees excellent directional characteristics for high frequencies and also above 20 kHz.Thanks to the flawless execution of these high-end loudspeakers, vocals and acoustic instrument are extremely accurate. Stringed instruments sound lifelike with true tone and timbre. Vocals have wonderful dimensionality and detail that allows listeners to feel the performer in the room. Soundstage is deep and wide, allowing for each instrument of the orchestra to be presented in the actual space of the performance.Finish Black High Gloss, White High Gloss, Custom finishes available upon request  Audiophile construction of 2-way box uses Scan-Speak drivers. The loudspeakers are equiped by adjustable steel spikes, internal wiring is done with Audioquest cables Rocket 33. It is ideal for acoustic music, classics, jazz, klasiku, jazz, but it will manage also easier genre like pop, etc.. Dimensions (wxhxd): 212 x 1010 x 320 mm, weight 18,5 kg Price  for  one  speaker .



    € 1.999,00Prezzo