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Larghezza 650 mm 

Altezza 175 mm  

Profondita' 185  mm  

Peso 11 kg 

Volume interno 10

Impedenza 8 ohm 

Potenza nominale 80 w 

Potenza musicale 180w 

Sensibilita' 90/1w/1m 

Risposta in frequenza 45 hz-43khz a 6db 

Crossower :12.12 db/oct  

Finiture nero laccato, bianco laccato, altri colori su richiesta


 Properly set up Home Theater cannot exist without a dedicated center channel. AQ brings in Pontos C such a high quality dedicated loudspeaker. It is in fact a very precise audiophile two-way loudspeaker with a D’Appolito baffle arrangement. Enclosure is made from MDF panels finished in superb polyester high gloss lacquer. To achieve a perfect paint finish 8 layers of lacquer are applied to create a rigid and anti-resonant enclosure. The baffle is a proprietary sandwich construction with flush mounted drivers eliminating edge diffraction. Drivers are Scan-Speak, a pair of mid-woofers with carbon fiber membrane joining efforts in the enclosure. 1” ring radiator fabric tweeter guarantees excellent directional characteristics for high frequencies and also above 20 kHz.Internal wiring uses point to point technique and is directly soldered to the contacts on the transducers and terminals, eliminating the possibility of contact resistance. Due to the small depth, Pontos C can be placed on walls in a small proximity to flat screens. Thanks to the flawless execution of these high-end cinema loudspeakers actors appear right in front the viewer/listener.Finish Black High Gloss, White High Gloss, Custom finishes available upon request.Center loudspeaker uses 2 bass speakers and Scan-Speak tweeter. Designed for Pontos line laudspeakers, but possible to use also within other laudspeakers line. Rigorous speech zone performance. Dimensions (wxhxd): 650 x 175 x 185 mm, 11kg.


€ 1.880,00Prezzo
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