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Larghezza 972 mm -

Altezza 162 mm -

Profondita' 265 mm -

Peso 16.2 kg -

Volume interno 8.5 l -

Impedenza 8 ohm -

Potenza nominale 50w+50w-

Potenza musicale 120w+120w -


Risposta in frequenza 50hz-40khz -

Finiture: nero

AQ Soundtable is an Active Compact Soundbar that provides an outstanding high quality sound in compact design that eliminates wiring. One enclosure combines an integrated amplifier with two individually tuned loudspeakers. AQ Soundtable can be placed directly under a flat screen TV or at any suitable location in a living space. Design is derived from a classic floorstanding loudspeaker placed horizontally. It is manufactured from highly inert MDF paneling and finished in durable melamine with beautiful Black Ash wood texture. AQ Soundtable features a wide selection of inputs including Bluetooth, optical Toslink and two analog RCA inputs. The unit can be operated via remote control or directly via front panel. AQ Soundtable utilizes a powerful 50 watts/channel built in amplifier with massive Toroid transformer. Two-way loudspeakers with separate acoustical chambers can handle up to 70 watts of music program. Set up of the AQ Soundtable is effortless -- simply connect the power cord and pair the Bluetooth with Bluetooth capable source and the AQ Soundtable is ready to play. TV can be connected with Optical Toslink for high quality stereo sound. Two additional RCA inputs can be used for a CD player or a Turntable with built in Phono Preamplifier. AQ Soundtable provides outstanding high quality sound in a fully integrated compact design that is based on longstanding AQ traditions of impeccable craftsmanship. Harmonic distortion Frequence response 1x Toslink Digital Input 2x Analog RCA Input 1x Bluetooth Finish textured black ash laminate Active soundbar with bluetooth, 2-way, bassreflex, power 2x50W, input: digital audio (opticcal), 2x analog audio (cinch), remote control. Dimensions (wxhxd): 972 x 162 x 265 mm, weight 16,2 kg

AQ SoundTable

€ 420,00Prezzo
Colore: Nero
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