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Larghezza 260  mm 

Altezza 365 mm

Profondita' 400  mm 

Peso 12  kg 

Volume interno 22 

Pressione  di livello  100 db/1mSensibilita' 500 mv

Risposta in frequenza 20 hz-140 hz

Crossower :12db-regolabile 30-140 hz Finiture nero


 The human perception of sound shows that the volume required for low frequencies requires far more power than is required for midrange and high frequencies. The lowest frequency is directly proportional to the size of the woofer and the internal volume of the enclosure. For smaller loudspeakers it is physically impossible to reproduce the lowest bass. The only solution is to add a subwoofer - a dedicated loudspeaker to reproduce the lowest bass frequencies. The human ear can very accurately perceive the direction of frequencies above 100Hz. The survival of our ancestors depended on whether or not they could hear a rustling predator or a hissing snake in the grass. High frequencies are transmitted as a narrow beam, medium frequencies as a cone and low bass frequencies spread spherically. This means that low bass to approximately 100 Hz is difficult to localize, hence successful integration of a subwoofer in a Home Theater system regardless of subwoofer physical location. Subwoofers can also be effectively used with smaller satellite loudspeakers for stereo listening only. Modern receivers and integrated amplifiers feature dedicated subwoofer output. More advanced surround sound receivers can calculate and set up entire 5.1+ systems in a matter of minutes, providing for superb home cinema experience. Addition of a subwoofer into a system also relieves the main amplifier and loudspeakers from low bass duties, allowing for higher playback levels and cleaner, less distorted sound.The building block of Tango 94 subwoofer is a proprietary 8” subwoofer driver with a lightweight yet extremely rigid aluminum cone that provides maximum durability and fast, precise, dynamic bass. The bottom firing subwoofer driver is installed in a well-damped and reinforced enclosure that features adjustable spikes, auto stand-by high power amplifier, adjustable input sensitivity, adjustable crossover frequency and a phasedial. Newly developed aerodynamic port with proprietary profile eliminates typical port chuffing and provides superbly clean bass extension. Tango 94 will certainly please Home Theater aficionados and rock music listeners alike. Finish textured black ash laminate Active subwoofer uses bass driver with 20cm aluminum membrane. Suitable for space up to 35m2, active switch with automatic signal detection (switchable), upper crossover frequency and sensitivity setting. Spikes in the price, driver and bassreflex directed towards the floor. Dimensions (wxhxd): 260x365x400mm, weight 12 kg


€ 599,00Prezzo
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