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Larghezza 470 mm -

Altezza 160 mm -

Profondita' 160 mm -

Peso 5.5 kg -

Volume interno 5.6 l -

Impedenza 8 ohm -

Potenza nominale 80 w -

Potenza musicale 120w -

Sensibilita' 90/1w/1m -

Risposta in frequenza 70 hz-30khz a 6db -

Crossower :6.6 db/oct - 

Finiture in  legno naturale  nei  colori  nero , quercia ,ciliegio.


 Compact, dedicated center channel for Home Theater ideally installed next to the screen or in the A/V furnishings below screen. High power 5 ½” light and rigid polypropylene mid-bass drivers and 1” Vifa silk dome tweeter are configured in D’Apollito geometry creating perfectly transparent, uniform and legible vocal presentation required in high quality Home Theater. Enclosure is constructed using high density MDF and DTD and is finished in natural cherry or black ash veneer with beautiful natural grain. Proprietary sandwich construction baffle handles flush mounted drivers and two ports, allowing close wall proximity.Pure OFC copper with 1mm2 diameter handles all internal wiring and all connections are thermally soldered. Large loudspeaker setting with 70 Hz bottom octave limit is recommended for Home Theater duties. Listeners will be rewarded with precise and accurate voice presentation. Finish natural wood veneer – black ash, walnut Center loudspeaker uses two 5" bass drivers with polypropylene membrane bringing ideal reproduction of dialogue channel also during higher load and dynamic peak. Surface finish: cherry, black ash. Dimensions (wxhxd): 470 x 160 x 160 mm, 5,5 kg.


€ 760,00Prezzo
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