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Larghezza 195 mm 

Altezza 890 mm 

Profondita' 310 mm 

Peso 16 kg 

Volume interno 3.3 

Impedenza 8 ohm 

Potenza nominale 100 w 

Potenza musicale 200w 

Sensibilita' 88/1w/1m 

Risposta in frequenza 30 hz-30khz a 6db 

Crossower :6.12db/oct 

Finiture in  legno naturale  nei  colori  nero , quercia ,ciliegio


Slender floor-stander with powerful 6 ½” mid-woofer duo and precise 1” Vifa tweeter generate striking musical delivery. Construction of the mid-bass driver deserves special notation – unique non-pressed paper cone is powered by massive magnet motor and is hinged on a low loss rubber surround. Cone is very light and rigid, thereby resisting internal standing waves. The mid-woofers and the tweeter work very well in tandem, allowing flawless phase alignment.Wega 53 MKIII is designed to work exceedingly well in spaces around 30m2 and is also a great building block to a quality Home Theater. For this application Wega 51 MKIII, Wega 52 MKIII and a subwoofer Wega 54 MKIII is highly recommended. Vocal reproduction is a cornerstone of every great loudspeaker and Wega 53 MKIII truly stands out as an audiophile loudspeaker that will particularly please listeners of acoustic music and vocals.Finish natural wood veneer – black ash, walnut 2-way loudspeakers use two bass drivers and paper membrane to highlight low frequencies. In this category very balanced frequency characteristic, suitable for acoustic music, classic, jazz, but it will manage also other genre. Surface finish: cherry, black ash. Dimensions (wxhxd): 195 x 890 x 310 mm, weight 16 kg.Price  for  one  speaker .


€ 1.598,00Prezzo
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