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Dimensioni : larghezza 320  mm 

Altezza 470 mm 

Profondita' 440  mm 

Peso 20  kg - Volume interno 36 

Pressione  di livello  120 db/1mSensibilita' 500 mv

Risposta in frequenza 25 hz-140 hz

Crossower :12db-regolabile 40-140 hz

Finiture nero ,cherry,natural wood



 Active subwoofer AQ Wega 54 MKIII is precisely constructed and immaculately finished in a variety of natural woods and high gloss lacquers to compliment any interior décor and seamlessly integrate with any loudspeaker system. The bottom octaves require highest construction standards as strong bass creates powerful vibrations that have to be addressed during the design phase and manufacturing process. Wega 54 MKIII uses a proprietary high quality subwoofer amplifier and meticulous enclosure assembly in tandem with a powerful 10” Peerless subwoofer driver with high x-max and high sensitivity. Enclosure construction uses active BDS resonance suppression in the top sandwich plate. Inventively shaped Y port permits proper port length and concurrently works as a cross-brace. Separate acoustic chamber houses proprietary subwoofer amplifier with massive toroid transformer, low-pass frequency selector, input sensitivity, phase adjustment and stand-by function. Subwoofer Wega 54 MKIII is a brilliant building block for a dedicated high quality Home Theater yet it works extremely well for nuanced music reproduction.Finish natural wood veneer – black ash, waln Active subwoofer with very rigid construction, constructed of MDF panels and with internal load of the upper plate (steel beads), uses driver 25cm. Amplifier 120W is equiped by switchable automatics, high frequency and sensitivity setting. Surface finish: cherry, black ash.Dimensions (wxhxd): 320 x 470 x 440 mm, weight 20 kg


€ 699,00Prezzo
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