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Larghezza 190 mm 

Altezza 1000 mm 

Profondita' 300 mm 

Peso 17.5 kg 

Volume interno 30 

Impedenza 8 ohm 

Potenza nominale 100 w 

Potenza musicale 200w 

Sensibilita' 90/1w/1m 

Risposta in frequenza 25hz-40khz a 8db 

Crossower :12.12db/oct 

Finiture in  legno naturale  nei  colori  nero , noce ,ciliegio


 AQ Wega 78 is a column loudspeaker with superbly clean contemporary design. The drivers are integrated in layered sandwich baffle, eliminating uneven driver/baffle transition, minimizing diffraction and having a positive effect on speaker directivity. Trapezoidal enclosure cross-section makes the loudspeaker very rigid and removes unwanted standing waves. The trapezoidal body is then organically connected to a rigid base that features a trio of adjustable spikes. This solution suppresses transmission of vibration between the loudspeakers and the environment. The bass is supremely transparent yet powerful. A pair of mid-woofers with 6” inverted dome metal cones works in tandem.The metal cones are attached to the frame with low loss rubber surround that has long life and linear characteristics. 1” ring radiator Vifa tweeter assures detailed and accurate reproduction of high frequencies. This particular driver combination guarantees explosive yet insightful power delivery. Wega 78 is predestined for a listener who prefers precise and very dynamic music portrayal.  Finish natural wood veneer – black ash, walnut 2-way loudspeakers designed in cooperation with design studio Novague. Bass drivers with aluminum cone are completed by textile dome tweeter. Outstanding, voluminous and gentle reproduction of bass frequency. Very universal loudspeakers. Surface finish: walnut, black ash. Dimensions (wxhxd): 190 x 1000 x 300 mm, weight 17,5 kg.Price  for  one  speaker .


€ 1.998,00Prezzo
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